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4Life Welcomes Dr. Victor Tutelian

4Life Welcomes Dr. Victor Tutelian

4Life Research is honored to have Dr. Victor Tutelian attend the 4Life International Convention in Las Vegas. Academician Tutelian is one of Russia’s most eminent scientists and holds prominent federal positions of great influence that determine the future course of science in Russia. And, as a member of the World Health Organization, he serves as an expert on nutritional safety.

In addition to earning his M.D, Ph.D. and Doctorate of Medical Science, Dr. Tutelian has also achieved the rank of a Professor and has authored more than 400 scientific publications and more than 40 federal regulations. Dr. Tutelian also received the highest recognition for a Russian scientist when he was voted into the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Russia’s most prestigious academy, as an Academician.

He now serves as the Chief Scientific Secretary of RAMS. In this position he determines what research will be done and which projects will be government funded. Currently, Dr. Tutelian also holds the positions of Director of the RAMS Institute of Nutrition, head of the Institute’s enzymology laboratory and the department of Nutrition Hygiene and Toxicology of the Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy, as well as numerous other positions on the scientific and editorial boards.

From his position of respect, Dr. Tutelian has been successful in proposing Russian laws that establish regulations, as well as the value, need and utility of dietary supplements in improving the health of the people of their nation. 4Life’s own Dr. Calvin McCausland and Dr. Emma Oganova had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with Dr. Tutelian in 1996. In a cooporatative effort they have developed federally approved post-graduate education courses for physicians, and have become involved in an international health project to improve the health of the Russian people.

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